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Performance ready scores for solo cello, cello ensembles, string trio & quartet,
plus a silent film orchestral score. 

● Unaccompanied Cello or w/other instruments 
● Cello Duos, Trios, & Quartets
● Solo Cello & Piano or Choir & Organ
Solo Cello & String, Quartet, VC Quartet/Sextet/Octet 
● Cello Solo & String Orchestra
● String Trio & Quartet
● Silent Film Orchestral Score 

VCello Music Publications also features 
The Virtuoso Obbligato Aria Collection 
ajor arias from opera, oratorio, and musical theatre for voice, cello obbligato solo,
with piano/organ/harpsichord. 

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Cellobration Editions Catalog [click ♪  for sample audio or video links]
** adapted by Barbara Hedlund

Unaccompanied Cello 

Febonio - The First of Winter Suite  for Solo Cello                                                                             $7 US        Add to cart
  (New 2013) [A 2007 recording by Mary Jane Febonio]

Moderato Adagio Largo Allegro ♪ |  Poco Allegro
The  suite, written in 2000-2001, evokes the time between Solstice and the last day of January.

Cello & Piano 
Beethoven - Adelaide for solo cello and piano  **                                                                              $7 US      Add to cart 

Crafts -  The Illinois Farmer Ballad from the Emmy Winning PBS Documentary  ++                    $10 US    Add to cart 

                  The Prairie Mother Suite from the Emmy Winning PBS Documentary  ++                    $10 US    Add to cart                 

Lehar - Dein ist mein ganzes Herz for solo cello and piano **                                                          $7 US      Add to cart

Mozart - Abendempfindung (Evening Reflections) ♪  **                                                                      $6 US      Add to cart

Verdi - Recitative e Preghieria from Nabucco                                                                                      $6 US     Add to cart
(Nabucodonosor): Tu sul labbro de veggenti (Zaccaria),Act II, No. 10 b  ♪ 

Solo Cello
 Choir, & Organ
Rutter - Out of the Deep (Requiem) 1 choral score with                                                                     $14 US      Add to cart  
1 solo cello part with suggested bowings & fingerings,
permission to use granted by 
John Rutter/Hinshaw Music

Rutter - Out of the Deep (Requiem) - Solo Cello part only                                                                    $7 US        Add to cart 

Solo Cello & Cello Quartet or String Quartet
Fauré – Elegy for solo cello, string quartet & opt. piano   **                                                               $15 US      Add to cart
(Score and parts)

Casals - Cant dell Ocells (Song of the Birds)                                                                                        $15 US        Add to cart 
for solo cello & cello quartet in a minor **

Fauré - Après un rêve (After a dream)                                                                                                  $12 US        Add to cart
for solo cello and cello quartet **

String Quartet
Humperdinck - Evening Prayer from Hänsel & Gretel                                                                       $6 US          Add to cart
for String Quartet
(Score & parts) **

Cello Duo or with other instruments
Bizet - Habanera from Carmen Duo for two celli   **                                                                          $10 US       Add to cart

Crafts – Ghouls Duo for two celli or cello & double bass (Score and parts)
one movement 76 measures,
@ 4 minutes -                                                                                                $8 US         Add to cart
MP3 midi file available upon request

Hanukkah Suite, Three Short Pieces for Two Cellos ** (for young players)                                       $5 US         Add to cart
Songs: Hanukkah, Mo'oz Tzur,  & My Dreydl (Parts in score form)

Mozart - Sonata in B Flat K. 292 KV292 for two celli or with bassoon                                             $12 US       Add to cart
Rondo (2:45), Andante (2:57), Allegro (3:50) Score and Parts  **

Purcell - Music for a While ( f minor) for flute or oboe  & cello       **                                                   $6 US         Add to cart

Squire - Danse Rustique (Cello II part only in lieu of piano accompaniment) **                                $4 US         Add to cart

Kuhnel - Sonata VI for VC Trio (orig. for Two Viola da Gamba and Basso Continuo
Allegro, Gavotta, Sarabande, Giga June 2013 edition (Score and parts)  **                                               $10 US       Add to cart     

Mozart - Abendempfindung (Evening Reflections) for cello trio                                                        $10 US       Add to cart
(Score & parts)  arranged by Barbara Hedlund & Daniel Steven Crafts

Prokofiev - March from the Love for Three Oranges for cello trio   **                                            
$10 US        Add to cart 
(Score & parts)  

String Trio

R. Strauss - Beim Schlafengehen (Four Last Songs)  
(Score and parts) arr. by Dr. Mark Zanter & Barbara Hedlund                                                                   $10 US        Add to cart

Cello Quartet

Bach - Air from the 3rd Orchestra Suite (VC 1 part only)                                                                  $3 US          Add to cart
with ornamentation for repeated sections) -  Use with the Colin Hampton
cello quartet collection not sold here 

Crafts - In Memoriam (for Zara Nelsova & Stephen Kates)                                                                $12 US        Add to cart
(Score & parts) Composed for the 2003 American Cello Congress at ASU

Prokofiev - Humorous Scherzo, Op. 12, No. 9                                                                                      $12 US        Add to cart
(Score and parts)  arr. for cello quartet by Barbara Hedlund

Tchaikovsky - New 2019 Cello Quartet commemorative editions in memory of the late cellist/master teacher Nelson Cooke.
[Commissioned and edited by VCello Music Publications & arranged by Dr. Mark Zanter]

    Tchaikovsky - Chanson Triste (Score & parts) mp3 sound file  (Google Drive Music Player )       $12 US       Add to cart  

    Tchaikovsky - March Slave (Score & parts)   mp3 sound file                                                             $12 US       Add to cart  

    Tchaikovsky - Song without Words (Score & parts)  mp3 sound file                                                 $12 US      Add to cart   

    Tchaikovsky - Theme from the 5th Symphony (Score & parts)  mp3 sound file                               $12 US      Add to cart 

    Tchaikovsky - Valse Sentimental (Score & parts)  mp3 sound file                                                      $12 US      Add to cart   

Solo Cello & Cello Quartet
Vivaldi - Concerto in d-moll, Op. 26, No. 9, RV 406                                                                              $16 US      Add to cart
- a popular composer often requested (Score, Solo VC part, & 4 VC parts) 
arranged by Barbara Hedlund & Daniel Steven Crafts 

Solo Cello & Cello Sextet
Verdi - Recitativo e Preghiera from Nabucco   Nabucodonosor):                                                        $26 US      Add to cart
Tu sul labbro de veggenti (Zaccaria) Act II, No. 10b  
(score, 1 solo VC part (or double bass solo) & 6 VC parts) 
arranged by Barbara Hedlund & Dr. Mark Zanter 

Solo Cello & Cello Octet
Cassado - Requiebros for solo VC & VC octet                                                                                      $26 US     Add to cart
(Score, solo VC, & 8 VC parts), arr. Barbara Hedlund & Joseph Turrin 

Solo Cello & String Orchestra
Sieczynski - Wien, du Stadt Meiner Träume in E Major   **                                                                 $35 US     Add to cart
(Vienna, City of My Dreams, 1914) YouTube World Premiere Video
A popular Viennese favorite, arranged by Daniel Steven Crafts for Bass-baritone
Ronald Hedlund & the Heartland Festival Orchestra, Score & strings 4, 4, 3, 2, 2

Silent Film Orchestral Score
Turrin - Miss Sadie Thompson Classic Silent Film orchestral scores - contact us for current rental costs
(presented at the Roger Ebert Film Festival) commissioned by Kino Films 1987 with Gloria Swanson & Raoul Walsh

Duration:  92 ' (score 566 pages)
A Sibelius adaption of the original score (also a clear, usable manuscript), was completed in 2015.
conductor & 19  players: 2 fl/picc, ob, 2 cl/bclar, 2 bsn, 2 hn, 2 trp, 2 trb, 2 vc, cb, pno or synth, 2 percussionists (multiple equipment needed),
included set diagrams, production information, & suggested rehearsal scheduling information. M
ore Miss Sadie Thompson information may be found
on Joseph Turrin's website and Facebook.

The Virtuoso Obbligato Aria Collection
Click on this link to view the catalog of arias with cello obbligato solos and piano parts

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